Ali Jamshidi

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Ali Jamshidi / B.1963 / Artist & Director of Shams Art Gallery
First step of artistic activity:
- Institute for the intellectual development of children and young adults 1972.
- Learnt various terms of sketching and painting techniques in art classes.
Iranian Old Art:
- Learnt Traditional Iranian art in fields of sketching, gilding, miniature and Islamic carpet plans.
- Inquired about designing Old paintings and teaching traditional sketching in Tehran Art
- Inquired about painting belonging to the Qajar and Pahlavi era, searched to recognize the new and modern elements in contemporary Iranian paintings
-Finished the total courses of Iran's calligraphy till contemporary time.
- Inquired the ways of changing the elements of calligraphy and wrote some essays.
-Searched about creating calligraphy-painting from its beginning to the present.
-Has hold many solo and group exhibitions in Tehran, Paris and Dubai.
Opening of Shams Art gallery:
Shams Art gallery began working professionally in 2005 and introduced Iranian artists to Tehran, Paris and Dubai and also to the international markets (Dubai, Paris, London) and international auctions.


Collection of paintings of four seasons
Done with mixed media technique on canvas and cardboard
This collection is inspired by nature and existing rhythms and has a special feeling and touch
Ali Jamshidi and I have experienced live performance of painting with music many times in Paris, Dubai and Canada
My goal with abstract paintings is this
To invite the viewer to a good feeling without judgment
And let's all float in a good feeling