Alini Garcia

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An emerging abstract artist with Brazilian roots, currently based in Vancouver, Canada, she passionately explores urban elements and expressive color palettes in her artwork. After moving from Brazil to Vancouver, she was inspired by the vibrant art scene and environment in the city, which motivated her to start painting. With a +10-year career in marketing, she has always sought to showcase the creative side of her mind. Her goal is to transcend cultural and language barriers through her art. Starting as a self-taught abstract artist in 2022, she has continuously improved her skills through education. In 2023, she attended the Modern Art & Ideas program offered by The Museum of Modern Art, further enriching her artistic perspective. Through the medium of mixed media, she skillfully brings together urban elements and vibrant colors, aiming to achieve a harmonious fusion of energy and movement. This fusion serves as a reflection of her artistic vision, evoking a sense of equilibrium and captivation in her compositions.


As an abstract artist, I explore the concept of motion and colorfulness. My artwork serves as a medium for expressing my personal stories and emotions, giving rise to vibrant compositions that forge deep emotional connections with viewers. Through the interplay of vibrant compositions and diverse techniques, primarily acrylic paintings and oil pastels on gessoed canvas, my goal is to transcend cultural and language barriers. I aim to utilize art as a catalyst for empathy and introspection. With each brushstroke and color choice, I embark on a profound journey of self-exploration, extending an invitation to viewers to join me on this transformative path.

I create art that resonates with viewers, leaving a lasting impact and empowering them to delve into their own narratives and emotions in a profound and meaningful way.