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Acrylic on gallery canvas.


Trees are like humans to me, gathered in groups they could be siblings, best friends, or a family of three… They all have different personalities !

Maureen McNeil


Acrylic on canvas.


“A Moment of Life”
Size 50,80 cm x 50,80 cm ( 20in x20in)
Acrylic on canvas, aerosol paints, varnish Made in mixed technique

#Canvas . #Acrylic , #Alcohol Ink

Helena Bunina


Oil on canvas.


This piece depicts a woman in a still and silent moment where she may look calm but she is overwhelmed with her inner thoughts. This piece also allows the viewer to go beyond their imagination and try to engage with the piece in her thoughts

Marita Bardakjian


Acrylic on canvas (framed).


this contemporary landscape has two of my favourite trees, pines and birches, with all its fiery colours it welcomes, Autumn with open arms! This piece is perfect for any room!

Maureen McNeil