Allison Huot

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Allison Huot is a full time Abstract Expressionist painter residing in Northern Ontario. Her canvases offer colourful glimpses into the meditative grounding of chaos. Inspired by a wide range of subject matter such as pop culture, industry, natural settings and music; she seeks to have viewers spark imagination and joy, while inviting them to explore the questions of our time. A fan of collaborating with artists of various disciplines, many of her large scale abstract pieces have been created through live music painting performances.

Allison has exhibited throughout Ontario, as well as internationally. Her work was featured in the film Irvine Welch’s Ecstasy, in which she also dabbled in acting. She was a resident artist at Toronto’s infamous cultural hub The Spoke Club and the recipient of several Canadian Artist Grants.


A part of me is a performer at heart. I believe that art is the reflection of society through the eyes of the people. I love the vibrancy and accessibility of pop culture especially when juxtaposed with the academia of fine art. I like to think of the artist, whatever the medium or art form; as a transmuter of energy.

Each painting I create is a puzzle that begins with uninhibited mark-making then is refined layer by layer until the work is harmonious enough for the viewer to peer though; leaving them open to recall experiences aligned with the energy of the work and ultimately, the collective conscience.