Amada Estabillo

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Amada Estabillo is a Canadian-born artist of mixed Filipino-Irish heritage. She attended York University and earned a BFA in Visual Art as well as a BEd. She teaches art in York region and lives in the Brockton Village area of Toronto with her husband, two daughters, a small dog and a budgies.


Amada’s recent work explores weather, textiles and nature through a formal framework of colour, line, pattern and mark-making. In her work the process of production, the layering of form and shape, the covering and uncovering of areas and the record of time passing are evident. Amada explores spatial relationship through formal compositional choices while retaining elements of spontaneity and unexpected connection.

$2,250.00 CAD

Acrylic and mixed media on wood (framed).


This abstract piece references the organic forms, textures and patterns of sea life as well as cellular structures and movement. A combination of carefully balanced composition and spontaneous mark-making.

Amada Estabillo