Amir Patros

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Cultivating conversations on Canadian intersectional experiences is essential in Amirs body of work. Throughout his adolescence and early adulthood, Amir began unraveling parts of himself that were othered due to external factors. Revitalizing his honest form through art was the start of recognizing the autonomy he inherently possesses. With the help of his chosen family consisting of supportive loved ones and LGBT people all around the globe, Amir is transforming his spirit by embracing the parts of him that were once undesired. This objective is what prompted him to pursue an undergraduate degree as a double major in Psychology and Visual Arts at York University. During his time at York, Amir learned to utilize the trauma he experienced and reclaim it as a tool to create. By transposing wounds with the abstract shapes and colourful aesthetics that are commonly seen in his work, Amir aims to showcase the imagination of an unconventional, transmasculine, second-generation Iraqi.


As a Chaldean individual, witnessing Middle Eastern artists delve into their ethnic background within an artistic space holds profound significance for me. The transformative power of their work, particularly exemplified by artists like Shirin Neshat and Sukaina Kubba, has inspired me to cherish and reflect upon my own cultural identity. In the same sentiment, seeing queer media such as Everywhere Everything All At Once, Moonlight and Bound allows me to grasp how complex queer experiences can be visualized. Claiming my individuality through visualities has been fundamental in embodying my authentic self without guilt or shame. Through my imagination and instinctive artmaking approach, my photography, paintings, drawings, and other multi-media work embodies my introspective inner self. Intertwining my current practices with themes related to identity and self-expression has led me to pursue work that delves into my intersectional perspective.