Ana Kim

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Ana Kim (b. 1995, South Korea) is an individual artist. She received her BFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2018. Since then, she has been working as a full-time artist with studios based in two cities- Seoul and Chicago. She is now working in Chicago, IL. Not only within South Korea and the United States, but her works have also been presented on international platforms in France, Germany, Japan, and England. Ana also engaged in many art projects, including projects with the Korean government, residencies, and publications.
In 2023, Ana took a bold step by launching her own art business — Ana Kim Art Studio. With a passion for pushing creative boundaries, she explores a diverse range of artistic expressions commercially.


I paint multicolored animals in vibrant scenes through my series titled "Animalscaping," a fusion of "animal-scape" and "ing," representing my ongoing exploration of a world beyond reality. Instead of seeking to replicate the familiar, my artistic endeavors aim to evoke new emotions and transport viewers to an unreal realm.

As a passionate animal rights activist, the placement of animals within my paintings serves as my artistic response to environmental and societal challenges. My works are designed to prompt questions and conversations about pressing social issues, challenging viewers to contemplate the role of art in addressing problems such as environmental degradation. Through my art, I convey a compelling message about the critical societal issues that demand our attention and action.

I strive to be an artist who motivates viewers to engage with and respond to current environmental concerns. The interpretive nature of art allows individuals to derive diverse meanings based on their cultural and experiential backgrounds. Despite these varied interpretations, a common awareness emerges—the animals depicted in my paintings are under threat. I emphasize that wildlife and humans share the same Earth, yet animals' lives are often overlooked. Acknowledging the perilous situation of wildlife is crucial in transitioning from conflict to coexistence, as human actions play a central role in the endangerment of these species.

My color palette is a deliberately chosen mix stored in containers, with each combination meticulously selected to evoke tranquility and contribute to visual stability. Engaging in simultaneous work on multiple paintings, I infuse passion by transitioning between canvases with impromptu and free-flowing vibes. Believing in the artist's responsibility to convey messages visually, I employ a technique involving the layering of multiple paint layers, using various mediums and materials. This layered approach represents my commitment to authenticity over mere visual appeal, establishing a distinctive artistic language and reflecting the evolving relationship between the artwork and me.

As an artist, I feel a responsibility to create a unique genre that challenges conventional boundaries, prompting audiences to reimagine their perspectives and take action on environmental issues. My artistic journey involves excavating new viewpoints to give a better voice about animals’ life, striving to evoke positive emotions and inviting viewers to linger in contemplation.