Anastasia Grigoryeva

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Anastasia Grigoryeva, a multidisciplinary artist and designer, saw her creative journey take root during her formative years at art schools, blossoming further at the University in Moscow. With honors, she secured both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Interior Design in 2017. Her academic immersion in painting, drawing, and art history endowed her with a deep comprehension of techniques, materials, and styles, thereby molding her distinct artistic persona.

For Anastasia, the fusion of interiors and art is intrinsic, constituting two indispensable components of a unified entity that mutually enhance and complete each other. Beyond her studio confines, she immerses herself fervently in exploring various founts of inspiration, including museums and art galleries. Through this exploration, she injects her designs with a profound artistic sensibility that transcends conventional confines, creating works that resonate on multiple levels with their audience.


Anastasia orchestrates her paintings as a delicate balance between color and form, surface and space, abstraction and figurative elements. Her compositions exude the interplay of various hues and shapes giving rise to an optical illusion, fluctuating between a sense of depth and flatness, a blend of tension and serenity, establishing an evocative interplay among the elements as she layers rich colors onto the canvas. These artworks embody a space where the evocative interior spaces, architectural design, geometric forms, and still-life compositions intersect. The artist seamlessly melds a variety of materials in her work and creates clean hand-painted compositions.

Detailed pen and oil pastel graphics depict the equilibrium of architectural shapes and landscape lines, with the intention of eliciting memories and dreams associated with time and places.
Anastasia's graphic work captures memories with a nostalgic and enchanting touch, evoking personal reflection. Inspired by life's quiet yet bright overlooked moments, she unveils the essence of our human experience.