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I am Anastasia Holovnia, digital and fine artist. I create augmented reality art that relays the inner world of people.

My works are presented in Ukraine in various places, from coffee shops to beauty salons. I am constantly learning and analyzing the environment so that the speed of my retransmission is on par with the speed of change in our reality.

Since 2012, I have been studying at the art academy of my hometown of Dnipro, Ukraine.

Group exhibitions:
2014 the exhibition "the Cathedrals of our souls" | Museum "Literary Pridniprovie”, Dnipro, Ukraine
2016 the exhibition "Spring" | National Art Museum, Dnipro, Ukraine
2019 the exhibition "Polit" | Floyd Art-space, Dnipro, Ukraine

Personal exhibitions:
2022 personal exhibition of posters and digital art at a charity festival Humanist

After 2022 I moved to Toronto, where I continue to study psychology and philosophy which are the source of my art.


The basis of my work is the manifestation of a person and her interaction with the world. As I explore the environment, my characters also discover new ideas and break down old concepts of the world.

Everything I create is my personal experience. My experience as a teacher allows me to understand human nature deeply and clearly, and knowledge of psychology helps to build the structure of cause-and-effect relationships and interactions between people.

I sincerely believe that all manifestations in a person and even the most taboo by society have a place to exist and be accepted. Since even the most harmful element is important to see, understand and learn to apply in a different, creative way.


Poster on high quality art-paper (framed).


Limited edition 1 of 5.

Digital Art from collection "Wordly Goods".

Works from the Worldly Goods collection speak of the findings that a person discovers in himself and the world around him as he explores his own life.

Reflections on the nature of eating disorders. Bulimia, anorexia and other diseases associated with insecurity and hunger of the soul.

Posters were presented at art-marketplaces in Toronto (The Trending Table Inc, Toronto Art Crawl).

Anastasia Holovnia