Andrea De Bartolo

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Andrea De Bartolo is an upcoming artist from Richmond Hill. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Neuroscience and Mental Health and is working towards becoming a therapist. Her love for art has been a constant throughout her life, with her passion reigniting during the COVID-19 Pandemic. During a time of fear and concern, she found a love for painting to help bring back the joy and peace she was missing. She hopes to move forward in the art world to make an impactful statement throughout the GTA.


The nature of my artistic design can be summed up in one word: suppositious. My background in neuroscience instilled in me that we only perceive the world as we know it to be true; we assume that our perceptions are fact even when this isn’t true. Through my art, I highlight the whimsical, bold and emotional world that many of us occupy. The dynamic style of my abstract pieces captures the audience and creates an open space for them to determine what world they are entering. The audience asks “What does this bring out in me?”, “Why do I resonate with this piece?”, “Where do I fit into this artwork?”. Due to the malleable nature of acrylic, the paint spreads thoroughly and playfully to create a free-flowing style. I add various forms of media to create a personalized piece that each viewer can connect with. Beyond my abstract pieces, my more traditional artwork embodies a metaphorical essence that encapsulates the audience. My motivation to create art is to invoke various and personal feelings in the audience, ensuring that each viewer leaves with a newfound understanding of themself and a novel perspective of their world.