Andrea Kreuger

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Andrea Kreuger is a visual artist and digital designer based in Toronto. She explores metaphysical concepts and conveys emotional states through bold symbols and visual statements. Kreuger's current artistic practice involves working with digital media, crafting layered brush strokes that are then produced in limited edition prints on canvas or paper. She studied Visual Arts at York University, Toronto. Serving as the New Media Designer at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Kreuger is also a mom, and caregiver to her husband, who is severely disabled due to brain disease.


Finding myself caught in a liminal state, as serious life events unfold, a torrent of strokes and colour emerges in a rush of expression. ‘Dark Waters’ will be an ongoing series, exploring the intricate dichotomies and paradoxes within two shared realities as they diverge. Bold gestural strokes create a flowing expanse of colour, cleaved by a single dynamic line that influences and transforms the compositions on both sides of the divide.
Hand-painted using digital brushstrokes, I apply techniques unique to this digital medium.