Andreah Barker

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Andreah Barker is an author, ghostwriter, book coach, artist and solo kitchen dancer. In the past 4 year she has completed over a dozen books. Her work encompasses both real life stories that are intended to motivate real change in the reader’s life, and fictional tales that aim to inspire the imagination. She loves all things creativity and magic.


Eternal Wisdom

Eternal wisdom manifests in many ways.
In images.
In words.
In feelings.
In moments you can’t explain.

It lives in the motion of the trees and the warmth of the sun as it connects with my skin.
It lives in creativity and joy and kindness.
It lives in the dark moments.
It shines the light.

It reminds me to look out.
To look up.
To let go.

Eternal wisdom inspires me to love
Even on the days when I think I can’t.

“Pick up your brush and shine your love out into the world.”