Andrew Wang

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Andrew Wang is a Toronto based mixed-media artist focusing on origami assemblage. He began his career in engineering, studying at the University of Waterloo and then earned a master’s degree from MIT. After 15 years in business and technology roles, he left his engineering career in 2017 to pursue his dream of becoming an artist and to care for his school-age children. His art education was self directed, training at the Toronto school of Art. Andrew is second generation Chinese Canadian, and his work reflects on the values and experiences of newcomers to Canada. Drawing on his engineering training, he often uses metaphors based in math and physics. He has developed into an award-winning professional artist showing in local galleries, art shows and public commissions.


Andrew unearths great journeys through origami assemblage, influenced by his experience as a second generation Canadian. “We are keenly aware of our ‘otherness’, wondering if we truly belong. I fold hundreds of origami birds to honour hardships and sacrifices made by my parents’ generation. As I lay each bird in its place, I realize that the journey continues – I am still finding my way, to be accepted, by others, by myself.” The process is a cathartic, meditative practice. Always striving for perfection, taking joy in the completion of each small task, the culmination of thousands of motions to create something greater than the sum of its parts.