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Angelica Candido is a visionary mixed-media artist who delves deep into the realm of surrealism to craft thought-provoking works of art. What sets Candido apart is infusing storytelling elements and poetry into her creations. Each artwork becomes a narrative, a poetic journey that invites viewers to step into a world where reality and unreality coexist harmoniously. Candido was featured in the 100 Kellogg Art Competition, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Ignite Gallery, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF), Myseum of Toronto & Tea Base’s “Quarantine Qapsule,” Beaux Art Gallery, and CBC East Coast news. She received grants from JVS Toronto and The City of Brampton for her online art business and graduated OCAD University with a bachelor's degree in Drawing and Painting. Angelica continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression to embark on a journey through the realms of dreams, poetry, and surrealism.


The art pieces I create are inspired by my dreams, feelings, and nature which I convey with a sense of realism and impressionism. Having gone to art schools in Canada and Turkey to enhance my artistic abilities, I gained insight into the art industry and the technical skills for drawing and painting. I believe that experiencing a new country can make one think more broadly about the world they live in and gives a great opportunity to connect to more people and learn about their culture. I enjoy reading stories from ancient history and sciences to create a better understanding of the world around me while creating storytelling elements in my paintings.


Mixed media on canvas.


Inspired by the Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh, this painting combines his painting of Starry Night with Toronto's city nightlife. Having lived in Toronto for a few years, I realized the nightlife can be lively with bright lights from the CN Tower, Rogers Stadium, and the condos spanning the skyline. I wanted to capture that sense of liveliness in this painting by using bright yellows and whites for the lights, and a dancing whimsical sky for the background.

Angelica Candido