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Angelika Aitken is a visual artist living and working in Barrie, Ontario. She has a BFA Honours from York University, as well as a Fine Arts Diploma from the Toronto School of Art. She also completed a Community Arts Practice certificate at York University and an Expressive Arts Practice certificate at Sir Sanford Fleming College. Her work has been exhibited in various group shows in Toronto including York University Galleries, Resistor Gallery, Awol Gallery, Whippersnapper Gallery, John B. Aird Gallery, Gallery 1313, and the Toronto School of Art, as well as in Germany at Kloster Benediktbeuern.


In this latest series, I’m playing with patterns and colour to create an abstract ground using collage and watercolour. I then develop these through drawing using a variety of media, from coloured pencils, to pen and concentrated watercolour, allowing the images to emerge from the background. In a similar manner to surrealist artists of the past. I draw on both my unconscious mind and my imagination to create images that reflect both my inner world and my feelings about the human condition and the state of the world. The emerging images, not unlike dreams, often depict strange or mythical characters and unusual juxtapositions within a fluid picture plane.