Anita Floras

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Anita Floras is a Toronto-based photographer with a background in health sciences, advertising and public relations. Having always been drawn to images that contain an ambiguous narrative, she has recently shifted her vision to abstracting forms in nature, architecture, and design. Through her lens, she uses colour, light, angles, and texture to create alluring and provocative abstractions.


I use digital photography as a means to capture transient moments. I attempt to create images that are fresh, distinct, and unfamiliar to stimulate the viewer’s imagination. My work is thematically driven by my fascination with the concept of reality and a commentary on how individuals perceive common, everyday objects.
My photographs take the viewer on a visual exploration, leaving them with a sense of wonder, mystery, and intrigue. This is achieved by observing closely, analyzing the form from multiple perspectives, therefore allowing me to decontextualize the subject in unexpected ways. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look carefully at the world around them and to discover beauty in unusual places.