Anita Shiels

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After raising my children and a breast cancer diagnosis in 2013, I found myself looking for a way to deal with the emotions that challenged me as a mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend.

In 2017, I found myself with some ink and yupo paper.  Through experimentation with different techniques and mediums, I quickly fell in love with abstract painting.  I am a self-taught abstract artist who enjoys working with acrylic and ink.  Although my art comes from a place within me, there is no greater joy than when a viewer forms their own connection with my work.    

The body of my work is quite textural.  Whether it is as smooth as glass with a resin finish or rough from layers of paint on canvas or cradled wood, each piece can be felt as well as seen. 

I began selling my work in home and décor stores, small art fairs and silent auctions.  After positive feedback, I had a show at Baka Gallery and Cafe which led to the Elaine Fleck Gallery where I was featured in an emerging artist catalogue.  ArtBomb, an on line auction for Canadian artists, allowed me to share my work with a larger audience.  I participated in “Like Art” at Arta Gallery in the Distillery in Toronto and in August 2019, I will have work at the Slanted Door.

I am truly humbled by the overwhelming kindness and support of everyone who has helped guide my art career.