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Anya is oil and acrylic artist.

In her family library, there were a huge number of albums with illustrations by famous artists. She secretly dreamed of mastering the language of painting. Unfortunately, her parents could not send Anya to art school. Half of her life passed in the knowledge of the exact sciences. However, a few years ago she decided to plunge into the world of art.

This happened after visiting an art gallery in Toronto and meeting the artists. There was curiosity at first: is she able to create something? As a result, Anya began to paint with acrylic and oil at the Will Kemp Art school. “Let’s grab some biscuits and start to paint,” Will said with great enthusiasm before each new lesson. After that, there were several sessions with talented teachers and training at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Montreal. As artist, she is still looking for her own style and continue to take art classes. Oil and acrylic are her favourite mediums, although she plans to try out different mediums like watercolour. In addition, Anya likes to paint animals in realistic and semi-abstract way, specially dogs.

The last adventure for Anya is Art2Life Academy. Art2Life is a fascinating group of artists. Nicholas Wilton, founder of this community, is motivated and great teacher. It allows to discover a new way for the art creation. The only way to truly master a painting skills is by actually painting. With Art2Life, the painting practice is always fun.

Anya is exhibiting in few online collections in Gallea online gallery and also in the physical exhibitions.
Online exhibitions

Best Abstract Art Under 500$ Collection, Gallea online gallery.
Birds Collection, Gallea online gallery.
Amimals Collection, Gallea online gallery.
Contemporary Art Collection, Gallea online gallery.
Chalet Art Collection, Gallea online gallery.
Zen Art Collection, Gallea online gallery.
Art X Terra Collection, Gallea online gallery.


It is never too late to learn and we should always pursue our dreams.


Acrylic on wood (framed).


"dogs-owners" series.
My experience of walking dogs can be summarized by two words: pull and push 😊 When my dog ​​decides to stop and sniff something, the planet stops rotating, everything stops and silently waits for his Majesty to decide to budge. And he can stay in one place for 5-10 minutes. "Hey doggy, it is Canada, winter !!!" And I try to move it 😁

Anya Komaristaia


Acrylic on birch panel.


As a child, at a summer camp, someone used to throw their shoes up a tree. In the morning, you run like crazy in search of your sneakers.
And they're just hovering over your head. Such a happy time

Anya Komaristaia