Ariane Robert

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Ariane's works present the adventures of the stickman. Who is the stickman? He
is an inner self. It is this small voice that we all have. He is an emotion, he travels, he suffers, he discovers, he loves, he attacks, he learns and he lives.

Ariane Robert took her first steps in the art world at the age of eight with private painting lessons. Her teacher, Céline Veillette, was like a grandmother to her. She was her confidant, she gave her advices and always listened to her stories, whether they were happy, sad or uninteresting. She marked her life like a mentor.

With her, she first learned the techniques of oil painting, but soon began to discover her own style. The stickman appeared at the time when she was learning to fly on her own.

For Ariane, art is omnipresent. Creativity is a relief, an adventure and an open door to an infinite number of possibilities. Art is defined by each act, each choice and the way the world presents itself to us.

Ariane's themes are highly emotional, but also mysterious, creepy and are food for though. A second look is required to interpret her paintings since behind the often very simple and naive scene, there is a complex context, often disturbing and sometimes difficult to approach with words. The raw and disturbing images are for Ariane a weapon of expression.

Ariane's paintings evoke anxiety, fear, rage, repression, submission, but also evolution, questioning and conquest. Although the reality on the artistic scene is high in troubled emotions, the viewer very often sees a scene or a state of being that is personally touching to him and always very different from the emotion aimed at a priori.


What does your inner stickman is doing?


Oil painting on canvas.


"Enjôleur" is part of a series of 5 paintings made from an original of my creation. There are therefore 6 paintings representing the same theme and wearing different colors, each expressing a different emotion. "Enjôleur" is charming, charismatic, mysterious but above all, superficial. We see a pretty surface that hides an ugliness that we can not guess.

Ariane Robert