Arshin Agashteh

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As a visual artist, I have been painting for about 18 years. My solo and group exhibitions have been shown in my country, Iran, and some others like; Italy, USA, Kuwait, and UAE.

After holding my bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology, I started to study painting, and after finishing the BA, I got master of art in Illustration. So, the psychological and humanistic of my characters are very important to me, and I try to discover the relationship and interaction between their experiences as far as considering aesthetic aspects of elements of visual art.
The theme of my collections have been about kids, environment, animals, and war.
In Iran, I am a faculty member and art instructor at a University. It has been about one year since I moved to Toronto, and working on my new series.


The new series of my paintings are focused on the interaction between humans and animals in biological, psychological, and all other similarities such as; awaiting, hugging, or dreaming. There are sometimes some similarities in visual elements and form between them. I think humans and animals are the creations who had the same situations on the earth, but nowadays it has been changed by humans.