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Hello my name is Audra Sky I am a visionary artist pioneering my style of crystal healing artwork. After a car accident left me disabled and suffering from the world’s worst known pain, I defied medical science and largely healed myself through the use of intention, crystals, and inner development. Believing I attracted this challenge so I could help others, I imbue positive intention into all my work.


Each piece is created with a clear intention and frequency that is revealed to me during meditation, such as attracting abundance, optimal health, and joy among others. I use specific high-vibration materials such as 24K gold leaf, diamond dust, and ethically-sourced crystals as well as specially calibrated musical tones during creation to imbue each piece with the appropriate frequency to match its purpose. Special care is given to ensure material and crystal combinations are “self-cleansing” ensuring the piece emits positive energy throughout its entire lifetime.

$5,500.00 CAD

Resin on wood canvas boards.


Featuring extra large Quartz Crystals! This piece is powerful! Cleansed with the Tuning Fork frequency 528Hz which is the healing sound for attracting Love & Wellness. This piece is designed to calm anxiety, ease uncertainty, and promote emotional harmony.

Audra Sky