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My name is Awiar, an internationally recognized visual artist hailing from Quebec, Canada.
As an artist, I find inspiration in the chaos of the world around me. I believe that chaos is a natural part of life, and it creates a beauty that's all its own. When you look closely, everything appears messy and blurry, but if you take a step back, you see the order in the chaos.

Every living thing, from people to flowers to water, has a field of energy that surrounds it. I feel that energy, and I seek to capture it in my paintings. I believe that there's beauty in the energy that emanates from every subject matter, and I strive to bring that to the canvas.

My paintings are a reflection of the energy and order that I see in the chaos of the world. I use bold colors and expressive brushstrokes to capture the essence of every subject matter and the energy that surrounds it. I believe that my paintings are not just a visual experience but an emotional journey that takes you through the depths of your soul.

Through my art, I invite you to see the beauty in the chaos of the world and to appreciate the energy that surrounds every living thing. I believe that there's a balance in the chaos, and my paintings seek to capture that balance in a way that's uniquely my own.


My artwork is a personal exploration of my inner self and a way for me to bridge the gap between my internal world and the outside physical world. Through my art, I am able to reveal different aspects of myself that were previously unknown to me. Despite feeling separate from the world, each artwork I create highlights the interconnectedness of everything and everyone around me.

My creative process enables me to delve deep within myself. It helps me to visually communicate how I see and interpret the world I live in.
Creating art enables me to visually capture my personal experiences, emotions, and various facets of the human experience

For me, painting is a way to bring my thoughts to life. I use brush strokes, colors, compositions, and different mediums as my language to express what I am otherwise unable to say in word.


Mixed media on canvas.


Embracing the beauty of impermanence, 'Endlessly Free' captures the moment a flower vase breaks, creating a cascade of water splashes amidst the vibrant blooms.
Each droplet suspended in time tells a story of liberation and renewal, embodying the essence of fluidity and freedom. Dive into this captivating scene and witness the harmonious dance of chaos and creation, immortalized on canvas.

Awiar Art