Barbara Sotiropoulos

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Hello! I’m Barb Sotiropoulos. I am an award-winning artist, graphic designer, and creative educator living in Calgary, Canada. My work spans multiple mediums including coloured pencil and most recently mixed media and oil paintings.

After graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design degree, I focused on my career as a graphic designer while continuing to pursue art on a part-time basis. I fell in love with the medium of coloured pencil and expanded my creativity with it through commission work and as a Q and A columnist for the United States-based COLORED PENCIL Magazine.

Last year, I made a return to my first love of painting and created multiple series of landscape and wildlife paintings in a fresh style that combines impressionism, abstraction and realism.

I'm currently working on a new collection of artwork to be released in late Spring 2024.


Creating art offers me a way to connect not only with the natural beauty of the world around me but also to explore visuals and concepts that are meaningful to me on a personal growth level. My artwork has been a fulfilling way that I can focus my thoughts and energy on the things that bring me a feeling of calm. 

My primary goal as a creator is to share a sense of beauty, optimism, inspiration, and compassion with collectors of my work. I believe that the art we hang on our walls is often not just for decoration, but a reflection of our inner selves and what we care about the most.