Bas Majzoub

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Born and raised in 1980's war torn Beirut, artistic expression was a staple of stability during my early years; immigrating to Toronto, Canada, in the early '90's, further nurtured my artistic talents.
A filmmaker, a musician, as well as an artist, creative expression has always been the core value of my being. Having spent my pre-teen years in a war-zone, many of my works (films, music, and indeed paintings) contain dark elements. Being self taught, as well as being a student and genuine fan of Art and Art History, I've evolved a unique personal style, that I hope will connect with people.


I have never pursued art for recognition or monetary gain; it has always been an innate need of mine, a spiritual and emotional necessity, existential reality simply droning around it. After a lifetime of creating art (whether film, music, or painting), now in my 40's, I feel that it is time for the world to see my works. Hope you enjoy!
-Bas Majzoub April 2024