Bélange Nohra

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Born and raised in Lebanon, I grew up in a small village between the mountains. I used to paint since I was 4 years old in my dad's workshop and I never understood what art meant to me. Years after putting down the brush and finishing my engineering degree in Montreal, I struggled with my mental health and was unable to process my emotions. It's during my abyss that I gave my canvas a second chance and tried to express my feelings with the colors I had. My paintings are a representation of my reality, my emotions and an attempt to feel at home, away from home. 


I don't have a specific painting technique as I am still discovering the artist within me. I use all type of tools and paints, but my heart always calls for spatulas and oil colors. 


Oil & acrylic on canvas.


A morning following a heavy nocturnal panic attack, I had blues for my home country and my home that I didn't visit for 4 years. My nostalgia took me to the blue sea not far from my childhood house, and the happy memories I had with my family. The sea brings me inner peace and serenity like no other place. I hope this artwork reminds you of waves and happy places.

Bélange Nohra


Oil on cardboard (wood frame - set of 2).


It's the first time I explore recycling cardboard and wood frames left at thrift shops. There's no story behind Sunrise and Sunest, just playing with colors on a shallow and dull tuesday afternoon.

Bélange Nohra


Oil & acrylic on canvas.


I had an initial idea of painting faces of people I encountered in my life and impacted me on a personal level. I wasn't satisfied with the final result and decided to put the painting on the side to brainstorm for new ideas. Few months later, I realized that these people are shadows, and that the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.

Bélange Nohra