Benjamin Gibson

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Benjamin Gibson, born in 1983 just north of Toronto, is known today as an acclaimed photographer whose work deftly walks the line of grit meets beauty. He personifies the idea that an artist doesn’t need a traditional educational backdrop to soar high within their field. Raised in a medium-sized town, Benjamin navigated the complex intricacies of growing up queer, allowing these experiences to infuse nuance within his work and aesthetically encapsulate his unique perspective of the world. His love for photographs, visual arts, and capturing moments in time persisted throughout his life, taking shape formally when he established his own creative agency, Toronto Creatives, in 2016.

Though Gibson studied advertising and design at Humber College, his extensive knowledge of photography was largely self-taught and honed through practical experience on set and in the field. His work fluidly spans genres, specializing in street photography, portraits, and commercial photography. Gibson's commercial success includes the sale of numerous photographs and prints.

Balancing commercial gain with a desire to give back, Gibson actively engages with his community. His dedication is illustrated in his regular donations of time and money to charitable organizations that support the homeless and LGBTQ+ community, exemplifying a commitment to the same world he captures in his photographs.

Throughout his personal journey, Benjamin faced several uphill battles, including struggles with his sexuality, confidence, and troubled relationships. These lived experiences have undoubtedly shaped his distinct style and approach to his art.

A perennial polymath with constant new fascinations, Benjamin's achievements extend beyond his gift for capturing still images. He has hosted a podcast on Canadian music, and he is currently working on his first full-length music documentary, a testament to his boundless creativity and passion for storytelling.

From capturing musicians, artists, and business leaders alike, Benjamin Gibson's work provides a beautifully gritty lens through which one can view and better appreciate the diverse world that surrounds us. His biography is still being written – one photograph at a time.


When I get behind a camera I feel at home. I feel like I’m trying to capture every part of the world and every experience in life before I miss it. I want to share that moment with everyone and give them a new experience too.