Bertil Joseph

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Born in 1986, Bertil Joseph is a contemporary and impressionist artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Bertil’s art is characterized by layers of depth and resonance, colourful lyricism, and a plethora of tactile surfaces.
A native to the country of colours, India, his brilliant and colourful paintings pay homage to his homeland. His distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of various cultures around the world.
Picturesque landscapes, still objects, musical instruments, and people going about their day-to-day life are his favourites and he does them with contrasting and harmonious colours and bold compositions. He loves to paint anything that tells a story and using his imagination he further creates a story with his paintings. His masterful fusion of realism with abstraction comes to fruition through an innate and harnessed use of colour and composition.
As a child, Bertil received loads of awards for innate talent. From a very young age he has spent a lot of time experimenting with colours in various forms. Although he has experimented with different mediums from watercolours to oils, his favourite medium is acrylic. He believes that whatever can be imagined can be created and this shows in his art.
Bertil’s artwork has been sold in a few exhibitions in India and sold online through various channels. He intends to continue gaining exposure and learning from his journey into the art world.


I have so much emotional energy inside me that I feel and colours on a canvas is an easy way to transfer this energy. I let the brush be the point of transfer and apply paint without thinking too much. I love using acrylic mediums for their vibrancy and speed. I am loose while I paint and am not focused on the details. I let shapes guide me and create strokes to finally reveal the final impression.


Acrylic on canvas


Part II of the series: 'I see them in the distance'- A young woman and her beloved dog wait for their companions to arrive. A fire to warm them while they wait and the moon peeking through the clouds captures the essence of this scene.

Bertil Joseph