Bianca D'Angelo

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Born 1968
Bachelor of Fine Arts 1991 York University Specialized Honours Visual Arts



Since her inception into the art world, Bianca D’Angelo has impressed scores of people with her artistic creations. With numerous solo showcases in Ontario and New Jersey, many group exhibitions throughout Ontario and New York, as well as having works proudly displayed in countless private collections across Canada, the United States and the UK, Bianca has established herself as a true Southern Ontario gem throughout the artistic community.

Her passion for art began at the age of eight when she received her first art book on Van Gogh and the impressionist influence of the legendary painter has never left her. Bianca’s paintings capture a delicate moment and make it last forever. The subject matter, mostly landscapes, is taken from places in and around Cambridge, Cape Cod, South America, and throughout the sun-drenched atmosphere of the Mediterranean, in sites such as Italy and Greece.

Her canvases depict warm, sweltering reds and oranges against all degrees of cool, stark whites and blues, as she demonstrates a true mastery of the ability to capture natural light and colour. Bianca defines the architecture in her paintings vibrantly by splashing brightly coloured floral scenes against the flat, bare walls.D’Angelo’s latest works are based on themes of florals, still lifes and most recently wine. Her style has evolved into a vibrant dance of loose brushwork. Her paintings are featured on the walls of corporate offices throughout the world and can currently be viewed at the Blackshop and Solé restaurants.

She has participated in many exhibits including the ATIM Top Masters of Contemporary Art in France, the Toronto Art Expo and the New York Art Expo. For D'Angelo, painting is an innate passion.