Blaine White

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Born - Windsor ON
Lives and works in Toronto ON

Graphic Design, Academy of Design, Toronto ON
Academic Painting, M. John Angel, Toronto ON
Bachelor of Arts, University of Guelph, Guelph ON


I have been fascinated by the history and painting techniques of past eras. I use this knowledge as a starting point to explore compositions which are not straight imitations of older styles but incorporate contemporary elements as well. My art is rooted in realism with a notable contemporary influence and the influence of illustration. I have used images of statues and architecture. I have rendered historical figures; some prime ministers, famous personalities, and images from the cinema and theatre. Some of my work deals with socially relevant themes.

$700.00 CAD

Oil on canvas.


This is a rendering of a Canadian First Nations Mohawk man in traditional dress. It is part of a trio of paintings I did of similar portraits in homage to Indigenous people.

Blaine White

$500.00 CAD

oil on wood panel


An occasional foray into landscape painting. Parts of this scene are from a photo from Northern Ontario. This was painted on a lightweight wood panel and very durable.

Blaine White

$2,500.00 CAD

Oil on canvas.


This painting was inspired by a scene from a German choreographer called Pina Bausch. I saw a documentary on Bausch a several years ago and was fascinated by her imagery and arrangements. Some time ago, I rescued this canvas from being discarded and it became a project during the beginning of the pandemic. In this large canvas, I tried to capture the intense emotional interaction between the dancers.

Blaine White