Bonnie Sheckter

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Bonnie Sheckter is an award-winning Canadian artist who has been creating drawings with coloured pencil for almost 25 years. A former printmaker, Bonnie switched to coloured pencil because of health issues and fell in love with this medium’s wonderful capabilities for capturing subtle nuances, luminous build-up of color, and liberating sense of spontaneity. The genre of portraiture holds a world of fascination for Bonnie as she strives to capture unique and candid moments that give voice to our emotional complexity and humanity. In this era which pushes towards efficiency, she loves the value of slowing down, marveling at tactile details and taking time to reflect on the inner lives of people.
Bonnie has signature status in the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) and is an Executive Member of the Canadian Society of Artists. (CSA)