Brent Charbonneau

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Brent Charbonneau is a Sheridan College, Interpretive Illustration Graduate.
He has worked commercially for over fifteen years developing product packaging designs, illustrations and web designs from his home in Ottawa, Canada.

Brent is interested in the art and culture of indigenous peoples around the world. He was drawn to Rapa Nui (Easter Island in the South Pacific) to paint scenes of the remote island, it's people and the mysterious stone sculptures known to the local population as 'Moai'.


I am interested in ancient and native cultures which I capture
in my paintings in oil (on canvas).

Each layer of oil is a reminder of the passage of time, an accumulation
of something lost and waiting to be rediscovered. Each stratum represents
the knowledge forgotten or a mystery unsolved from time immemorial.

My goal, to evoke a mood, to tell a simple story with brush strokes,
at times hidden or obscured and transport the viewer to the past.
I would like the viewer to share some of the mystery and to experience
some discovery of a native people and their secrets.