Brian B6

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Brian “B6” is a self-taught, Toronto based artist who works with a variety of mediums and techniques including sculpture and paint. His pieces are often based on playful childhood nostalgia that also touch on the darker elements facing today’s youth.


There are certain things that I come across that always put a smile on my face, bringing back many fond memories from my childhood and family. Most of my pieces attempt to capture that playful nostalgic emotion that I hope will also bring a smile to the audience.
My recent pieces are centred on a focal point created using many thick layers of oil paint over top an acrylic matte surface to mimic the effect of a plastic toy action figure rather than a two- dimensional painting.

Although the theme of each piece is often playful and childlike in the nature, there are also darker elements in each piece reflected in the shading, the faceless personalities and the explicit subject matter of vintage magazine clippings that can serve as a base. These darker elements represent the often less innocent influences for today’s children - something I often struggle with as a father myself.