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Bridget Melody is a contemporary artist and indie folk singer/songwriter based out of Toronto, ON.

As a self-taught artist/musician, Bridget is continually working to hone her artistry and skills.
Her work is a reflection of viewing life from a joyful and whimsical perspective and through her paintings, she aims to evoke this response in others.

Bridget has exhibited her work at community art events and festivals including the Skylight Gallery in Toronto, The Woodland Cultural Centre in Brantford and currently at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.


As a multi-faceted artist, I thrive on flow and spontaneity in every form of expression, always striving to honor the creative process without judgement and to soar a little higher each time.

I like to draw energy and ideas from the creative interplay between music and art, to create corresponding paintings and songs that engage the imagination and elevate the spirit.

I work primarily with acrylic paints, gels and textured mediums to capture a visceral and dimensional feel to landscape, portraits and still life images.

$1,000.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas.


This painting is based on an image from the Steven Evans photography collection @ It captures the beautiful architecture inside the Sharon Temple (Sharon, Ontario, Canada) built in the early 1800's.
The stairs, referred to as Jacob's ladder, ascend to where the music chamber was situated.

Bridget Melody