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Toronto based artist, C.Wavie has been showing the world his talent as a musician and songwriter where he released his first single, "I Never Lied" and accumulated over 500k listeners. Wavie has always been into the arts, and founded his Clothing Line company called "Different Splash", where he found his passion in making clothes and including art with it. His clothing line stands for being different and being yourself. Wavie uses his artistic ability to create art on all of his pieces of clothing, every piece is one of a kind.

Wavie started his career at a young age when the arts was his only outlet to helping him through personal struggles as a kid. He always found himself taking a piece of paper out and doodling or doing something creative and he hopes every piece he makes can bring warmth and peace and energy into peoples homes!


Hey! If you're reading this, then I hope my art can inspire you and fill your home with good vibes! My goal with my art is to inspire others who are also connected to art and make them feel good energy. I have three morals: 1) Be Different 2) Be Yourself 3) If I can fill your homes with something that makes your space feel warmer and right, then that is what making art is all about for me!

$2,000.00 CAD

Mannequin on canvas.


More Than A Body is a special piece from Wavie's mannequin collection, it's about positive body image and to send the message that our bodies are unique, beautiful and amazing. Many people are shamed for their body and he wants to tell the powerful message that you are more than just a body, to accept your body, and to not feel shameful. He used a style of graffiti to paint the word "Shame" on the woman's stomach because many females feel insecure, and he wants her to feel beautiful in her own skin.

C. Wavie

$200.00 CAD

Spray Paint on mannequin.


Emotions is a very unique piece that the designer, Wavie created part of the "More Than A Body Collection." A person never shows their true colours and this piece displays that!

C. Wavie