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Carole Ince is a multimedia artist who creates vibrant and optimistic art using oil paints and wall paster sculptures.

She is a lifelong learner and has developed her artistic skills and practice through taking fine art courses at the Ottawa School of Art and workshops with Canadian artists.
She has been mentored and traveled to Europe with Canadian Landscape artist Gordon Harrison. She is also greatly influenced by internationally acclaimed sculptor David Clendining and bas-relief sculptor Richard Gill.

Most recently, the artist held an interactive solo exhibition of 60 paintings of women’s hands that she created during the worldwide pandemic. The collection “De ses mains-In Her Hands” is a tribute to women who build a generous, loving and hopeful world. She received a grant from the ARTicipate foundation and the Arts Council of Ontario to support the creation of QR codes for each image that were linked to an e-book which provided a story for each painting.

Carole is a member of Foyer Gallery and paintings are exhibited on an ongoing basis at community gallery spaces. She has been awarded first place for a figurative oil painting and jury’s choice at a ArtEast Juried Exhibition in 2022.
Carole Ince was born in Manitoba and currently lives and creates art in Ottawa.


“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself”
Maya Angelou
I am a multimedia artist who is passionate about people and the stories that make them resilient and vulnerable. After an extensive career in the social service sector, I continue to pay attention to people and events in my community that deserve to be captured in paintings because of their beauty, resilience, strength, hope and joy.
I currently paint with oil in a contemporary loose style. I use bright colors to bring out the individual’s personality and details of their surroundings.
Seeking a sense of belonging is a basic human need and has been something I longed for since childhood. Creating a sense of connection with family, friends, school work and neighborhoods is critical to building healthy and vibrant communities and I dedicate my artistic practice to this concept.
The viewer will relate to the people and places in this collection with compassion and a sense that they there is more to their stories and an urgent need for acceptance and celebration.
The sense of belonging to a community is reflected in all my art regardless of the medium. Being an eternal optimist, I create pieces and collections that are positive in order pay tribute to and shine the light on people that I have met and places that are special to me.
“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.”
Chuck Palaniuk