Cartney Warren

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Embracing the natural beauty of British Columbia with every brushstroke, Cartney Warren's work will take you on a journey through forests, trees, and beyond to awaken your connection to the mysteries of existence. As a self taught artist Cartney has been creating and refining her skills since childhood through experimentation, an obsessive drive to create, and fellow artist mentorship. Cartney is member of the Garibaldi Art Club in Maple Ridge BC where she showcases and sells her work throughout her community.


Hi, Im Cartney Warren, a painter based in Mission, British Columbia. My work is heavily influenced by the beauty and mystery of nature. Using a mix of acrylic and oil paints, I create surreal and abstract pieces that transport the viewer into a dreamlike universe. My paintings are a way for me to tap into the hidden depths of the natural world and explore the endless possibilities of the human imagination. Through my art, I hope to evoke emotions and ignite a sense of wonder in others. Lets take a journey together through the ever-changing and unpredictable landscape of my mind.