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Hi, I am Charmi Mehta originally from Mumbai, India. I moved to Canada in 2019. I started my art journey to heal myself and gain positivity. I never had a chance to study art but I believe to learn as I go through in this journey to unlock the possibilities that lies ahead of me.


My childhood involved travelling across India from mountain to mountain, through rivers and back home. I observed captured and left inspired by the history, culture, architecture, colours, patterns and everything that made me feel and awaken. A feather like symbol is noticeable in my recent works and is inspired by the national bird of India peacock which also represents power, divinity and strength. My works are made up of pen, watercolour/gouache, gold ink and hand embroidery. I hope anyone who comes across my work is able to inhale positivity in some way.


Gouache, pen and gold ink on paper (framed).


‘Lata’ an Indian/Sanskrit word means ‘brave’.
To be where you want, with what you have and all that you are comes with being ‘brave’. This piece is inspired by my mom (centre) where I placed her in Indian miniature setting known as Ragamala Painting between 16th & 17th centuries and is worth falling for.

Charmi Mehta


Hand embroidery, watercolour, pen on paper (framed).


‘Toran’ also known as door topper is a sign of welcome hung above the doorway to the main house. The main idea is to attract the goddess of wealth Lakshmi. Inspired by Banjara embroidery.
‘Tulasi’ plant is highly auspicious and she is regarded as the avatar of Lakshmi and is placed at the center of the courtyard to attract luck and prosperity.
When ‘Toran’ and ‘Tulasi’ comes together it is regarded as good luck.

Charmi Mehta