Chris Harms

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In 2016 after witnessing a rocket launch in French Guiana, I was determined to capture that feeling of awe and wonder in my art practice. Soon after, I turned my attention to stained glass and took an introductory glass painting/firing class, wanting to take a traditional art medium and mix it with modern stories of space exploration.

Using age old techniques, while breaking a few rules and traditions, I can experiment with depth, layers and texture in this beautiful medium.


Chris Harms creates cosmic images with stained glass, vitreous paints, and dalle de verre. From intimate, otherworldly landscapes layered in kiln fired glass, to bold slabs of cathedral glass capturing distant visitors, Harms juxtaposes this medieval medium with modern stories that explore our place in the universe. Harms’ work constantly strives to imbue wonder, humour and curiosity.