Chris Jordan Consul

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Chris Jordan Consul is a mixed media artist born in Scarborough, Ontario. Although he carries his B.A. in Specialized Honours in Kinesiology, he always had a love of art and creative expression.
Also working in trades, Chris Jordan uses his life experiences as teachers to help inspire ideas in his works. He is also inspired by the natural world and human anatomy and describes his work as more expressive than realistic. Being an artist of Philippine heritage, he recognizes the importance of seeing people like him and people of colour in the art world and the importance of diverse voices sharing their story.


It is important that when you have a voice, to use it and to express yourself. Lately, I have been expressing myself through ink, acrylic paint and gold leaf. I find my subject matter tends to be about the natural world although I am currently studying ideas of decolonization, healing and the self. I often include the sun in my work because to me the sun is ever present. It is an energy that everyone has access to; a light that we can look towards, even if we are not always looking for it.

I believe it is important for me to leave my mark and I hope to leave a legacy of freedom and to inspire others to be able to pursue their passions.