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Christina Sicoli is a contemporary abstract artist, movement teacher, and award-winning actor + comedienne. Upon graduating from the Randolph Academy for the Arts in Toronto she continues to excel in film, television, and stage. Currently based in Vancouver, she spends time in Los Angeles and continues to pursue her passion for visual art through abstract pieces. Her ability to create and express through imagination and inspiration allows her to flow in process, explore through experiment, and take creative risks.


My penchant for storytelling on the stage and screen is as visual as the narrative expressed on the canvas. For me, painting is an outlet to embody the opportunity to be a character and develop a story in a different discipline. My inspirations are constantly evolving which influences the mood within a piece. Whether it be the change of seasons, the grounding of the ocean, the passion of dancing through space, the connection between others, or the revolving palettes of fashion, these inform my work and are the mediums that inspire me to be a creative visionary.