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Cindy Y. Lam is a visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her expressive brushwork captures the spirit and energy of the places and animals she loves. Lam's works with acrylics on canvas, watercolour on paper or digital photography often serve as a foundation for the addition of various mixed media. She holds an Master of Fine Arts degree from Falmouth University, UK.


Creating art grounds the restlessness in me and it helps me to reflect upon the passage of time, my relationships with people, animals and nature. Typically for landscapes, I paint from memory and reference personal photos. Vacillating between representation and abstraction, my work strives to capture the essence and vitality of my subject matter.

$500.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas.


"In Conversation" was inspired by long walks in Toronto’s many ravines and parks with my two beloved dogs. Nature helps fuel my creativity. In particular, during COVID having the time to take long walks heighten my senses, even trees without their leaves appeared to be dancing and interacting with each other.

Acrylic and paint markers on a ready to hang gallery wrapped canvas. Sealed with a matte finish.

Cindy Lam

$650.00 CAD

Acrylic and marker on canvas.


My favourite season is autumn. I often find myself staring outside my studio window for hours on end when the cooler weather comes around and the colours start to change. This piece was inspired by a late September trip to the Haliburton area. Trees danced lakeside as they shed their green summer outfits into colourful autumn ones.

Mixed media on a ready to hang gallery wrapped canvas. Sealed with a matte varnish.

Cindy Lam