Clare Allin

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Clare Allin lives and works in Toronto, she is inspired by contemporary issues, such as environmental concern and consumerism. Clare explores these issues though drawings, typically done on paper and wood. 


Scum city is an eight-piece series, exploring the humanization of animals that live within cosmopolitan cities. Clare uses any media that allows the image to work. However, the majority of the drawings consist of chalk pastel, charcoal and markers.

Bovinity is a series exploring environmental degradation due to industrial pollution.  After reading an article put out in the New York Times that investigated DuPont, a chemical company that had a factory in a small town in the east of the States. The factory was located next to a river that ran through farm land and forest. When a farmer started noticing his cows becoming sickly and dying, he thought about the factory up the river. These drawings are Clares response.