Connie Lee

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Connie was born and raised in South Korea. Naturally fascinated by art, she constantly drew throughout her entire youth. As a child she loved to read novels with illustrations. As such, she was also drawn to realistic illustration art style which effectively conveyed the depth of the emotions in the narrative. During her study at Sheridan College, she learned about the world of portrait arts. Immediately captivated by the beauty of individual personalities, and the various techniques and methods of depicting them in the flowy richness of oil colors, she has worked on cultivating techniques and artistic intuition through the eye of a portrait artist since then. Already having years of experience in completing commission work, Connie is continuing her journey of capturing interesting personalities of people, animal and even still life.


My work lies in the discovery of individuality - everyone has essential character, which I will express through my honest observation. I will paint how I see, and it will be inevitable for my own personality to become imprinted in the final work. Thus, my finished work is a synthesis of the subject's unique individuality and my own spirit.