Cristina Tofan

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With volcanic creativity, a virtuosic eye for colour, and a penchant for exploring the unconventional, it's hard to fit Cristina Tofan within a template. Growing up in a family of artists, Cristina has carried her passion for painting like a torch—from kindergarten to Fine Arts University and beyond. After graduating from the University of Bucharest, Cristina moved to Canada. From 1985 to 1989, she acted as the art curator for the Gallery of the Alliance Française, organizing exhibitions for international artists and her own art. In 1990, Cristina founded her design firm, Tofan Interiors. Cristina lives and works in Toronto. She is a sought-after interior designer and accomplished visual artist with works in private and corporate collections worldwide.


I am of the mindset that a painting can be an entire world within itself. That belief led me to a path of constant creativity and exploration, a place where fantasy replaces reality. As an artist, I use the unique unequivocal language of colour to express my feelings and provoke intense emotions in others. With every painting, I am trying to tell a story. This story comes to life from an interplay between various shapes, colours and materials. Although minimalist in concept, my paintings are rich in hue and symbolic.