Daniela Alilovic

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Daniela Alilovic (also known by the artist handle of "Dee") was born, raised, and is based in the city of Mississauga, Ontario. She is self-taught, working in a variety of mediums; acrylic,oil,watercolour and mixed media to name a few. Daniela has spent the greater part of her young adult life traveling, painting, and working as an Interior Designer. It is through her knowledge of and experiences with Interior Design that she has come to create paintings that are specifically geared for each individual space.  In turn each of these paintings tells a focused, unique, and personal story.
The subject matter of many of her works revolves around women. Through the  discipline of portraiture Daniela aims to empower women by immortalizing those who have inspired and profoundly impacted her life. Her goal is to ultimately place the viewer within each framework, inviting the viewer to see through her eyes, and for the viewer to empathize and feel as she did throughout the creation of each piece. Each of her works start with an internal vision and then proceeds on its own respective journey, all the while conveying a silent message in the absence of voice to voice interaction. Daniela Alilovic has worked in her chosen professional field since 2017.