Danielle Petti

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Danielle is a Waterloo, Ontario based artist with a BFA from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). Focused on eco-art and sustainability, she forages for rocks in nature, grinds them into a paint, and uses natural, organic substrates. Inspired by themes of motherhood, human origins, and materiality, she creates environmental, figurative, and conceptual art. Her process is integral to the work’s meaning.


I’m fascinated by the materiality of us humans, and our similarity to other living and non-living bodies down to our very atoms. As I forage for rocks, I bring to mind the reality that these pieces of earth are part of a natural cycle, repurposing and reshaping as time goes on, and taking a pause onto my canvas for now. In the end, we are the mountains and rivers, the lines are blurred between us and the natural world. In an increasingly digital society, this sense of being “grounded” is necessary.