Delia Moldovan

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Delia is an abstract artist who lives and works in Canada, Ontario.She is currently a member of the Mississauga Art Society, Visual Art Mississauga and Society of Canadian Artist.
Delia is often inspired by introspection, she reflect extensively on her past and inner-self in order to convey a message through her art.Her work is often described as evocative and distinctive, although many interpretation of her paintings can be formed, which principally relate to fantasy and nature.Each off her body of work tells a story, which is different for everybody, because it trigger different emotions in viewers.She likes to experiment with different techniques and materials articulating through composition, texture and colour her vision on canvas.


Making abstract art, for me is a way of merging into the innerstate and finding harmony and peace. It is about playing with colors and energy, discovering meanings in meaningless things, revealing those elusive states of consciousness like joy, beauty ....and oneness.