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Artist Bio
Denise Grossman, Visual Artist, her current medium is that of oil and cold wax.
Denise launched her career as a full time artist, upon retiring from careers as an Occupational Therapist, Ordained minister United Church of Christ and yoga instructor/therapist.
During her call to ministry she also, felt called to pursue a life -long interest in art. However she was unable to engage in art until her retiremnt.
Art is a “Spiritual” calling, for Denise, which profoundly impacts her work.
Denise has studied art formally for the past five years: initally at a local fine arts studio in Chicago, IL. where she studied, drawing and pastel painting, later she studied with professional artists via online courses in such mediums as soft pastels, oil and cold wax. Primarily, her subjects of interest are landscapes at various scenic locations, florals abstract and still life genres. Currently, she is studying Symbolists artists of mid-19th century and symbolists writers/ poets. In preparation for an upcoming artist residency, where she will create paintings inspired by symbolists artists ideas and concepts. This project will take place in November 2024, Denise is excited and grateful for such an opportunity as this.


Denise Grossman, Visual Artist/ Painter
Artist Statement
To answer the question, regarding the healing aspect of Denise's work. Initially, she starts her process with a sketch,value study of her subject, which is in tandem with prayer and intuition. However, once her art -making commence, she is then keenly listening for guidance of something Greater. Denise can only answer this from her vantage, as retired Ordained Minister of the United Church of Christ.
Art as a medium, Denise believes, that it has the capacity to heal one at a heart level. Which has the ability to facilitate self-discovery, change in one’s perspective and viewpoint in a positive sense.
As a retired Ordained Minister, Denise envisions her art as a force for healing. Because, in fact, it has healed her.
Therefore, if it has the capacity to heal her, why not another?
Thus, at its very core creating art is a "Spiritual calling, for her. A calling that profoundly impacts my creative endeavors as an artist.
Moreover, Denise is primarily, a self-taught artist. However, for the past five years I has had the opportunity to study art informally online with professional pastel artist, formally at a local fine arts school, and face to face workshops with professional artist.
Denise's hopes and goal, is to produce art work that captures a part of life/ nature that relates to the viewer in a deep sense that elicits thought and comfort.
With that said, initially her work predominantly consisted of landscapes and animals in the medium of soft pastels. Just recently, she has become very attached to drawing and painting textured surfaces with parts of structures to depict boundaries and resistive qualities that relate to current day issues in our contemporary society. At this time, she is a member of the Redrock Pastel Society of Nevada and holds Associate membership at the American Impressionist Society.
Moreover, she is inspired by the work of other artists such as Impressionist, Symbolist Odilon Redon and Tonalist George Inness. These genres inspire her to create art in ways that are insightful and spiritually guided in profound ways.
Moreover, in 2023, she was awarded the Donatello juried International Fine Artists Award in Florence, Italy, in 2024 she received an honorable mention in still life category by Best Awards an international juried competition.

Currently, I continue my daily practice of drawing and pastel painting, exploring different substrates and textures with various mediums.
At the very core of her work, is a continued call to art as a ministry, which profoundly impacts her work and practice of art.


Soft pastel with underpainting on paper.


Big Marsh park is a conservation park with incredible prarie lands and marshlands. There are areas in the park that dazzle with color as sunlight sweeps along branclhes beautiful birch trees, oak and maple trees. I spent a lot of time painting on the grounds of this park many summers ago. My hope, is that I captured the joy and peace that nutured, surrounded me, during my hiatus there. The intention or desire is that you too will feel peace and bliss as you view this piece.

Denise Grossman


Print on paper.


Limited edition 1 of 30.

Rushing waves harnesses a medlodic affect on our senses. It enhances our ability to feel understand, circumstance with acute claritiy. I am drawn to the ocean, sea, lake for any body of water has that influence on me.

Denise Grossman


Soft pastel on paper.


Viewing flowers as parts of a whole really stretches one's imagination and reveals the essence of color, fragrance and pure beauty of flowers and botanicals.

Denise Grossman


Oil and cold wax on craddled gessobord.


The idea of catching a glimpse of something that demands one's attentiion. Seeing this tree is what inspired me to paint this wonderful painting. A glimpse which morphed into something of beauty.

Denise Grossman


Soft pastel on paper.


The idea that abundance is attainable if our thoughts are balnced and our hearts are open to receive. Then life is full promis and possiblity. We attract what our thoughts are able to conceive.

Denise Grossman


Soft pastel with fluid acrylic underpainting on board.


Grace is granted by something Greater than humanity. Provides humanity with another chance when all else fails. Thus, as we travel from our darkest hour to the light of day. It is our inner knowing which shakes the depths of our souls. Knowing that we can get back up again and thrive.

Denise Grossman