Denise Morrison

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I'm a self taught visual Artist living in Mississauga, Ontario. My artistic career blossomed in the spring of 2013 when I was undergoing treatment and was unable to continue to work in the service industry. I started painting and realized that I had found my passion. I feel extremely blessed.
Im a member of various local art groups in Port Credit, Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville. I work predominantly with acrylic paints on canvas. I'm best known for my contemporary and eclectic style of paintings which include abstract, impressionism, and realism. These varied styles of painting allow me to express my myriad of emotions deep within my creative heart and mind.
In the past few years I've had many successful solo shows and I continue to be selected to participate in prestigious art exhibitions, charitable events, restaurants, and galleries. My first show in 2014 at the perennial Art In The Park Oakville art show I was delighted to receive the Peoples Choice Award.


I really don't think when I start a painting, unless its a commissioned piece. I start to paint and decide where its going through many hours of having a free mind. I like not to think about the painting as much......I like to think about expressing my thoughts with the freedom of not thinking.