Dion Thorne

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I am an abstract and street artist based in Toronto, ON, I study Fine Arts at Centennial College, I also illustrate black art to demonstrate and send a message that shows the injustice and cruelty of racism make my audience or anyone to feel as they are a part of the picture and entirely.


As an artist, my artwork varies from the lining and styling, but the one thing that has always stayed the same is the rough but clean cartoon look. the objective to my artwork is to present the inequality and the racism that is present towards the black community, the title of the work is called "2020", what is most shown within the piece of work is, scale, space, and mass because it perfectly sinks and develops the work to stand out in a unique way.

The media on which my work(s) is made from is acrylic/spray paint. the development and tool that were used was that of spray paint to make a solid but defining colour background
code it and trace it with acrylic paint and use oil pastels to add any touches to further develop the artwork.

the inspiration to the concept of the artwork was the issue that were brought in 2020 with it's number of tragedies and social racial issues that had happened throughout the year, with this work I want to show the emotion of anger and how no matter what the world does, arrogance is what drives people to do stupid acts of crime.

My goals as an Artist is to be a beacon and symbol to inspire someone no matter who they are to tell their story but acknowledge the failures of last artists to become better and be the best artist that they can by their own terms, I don't think this body work had a hand in this is due to the fact that I've just starting and in the beginning of my journey within the art industry and need a foothold to even make that impact.

the overall thoughts of the artwork were good results of what I had wanted, the process on the artwork was challenging with the white paint and having it stick on to a spray paint background, this body of art the influence to my messaging to all my artworks and how I can send message but also have fun with it and mixing my social thoughts to my imagination.


Acrylic on canvas.


MASKS allow me to be me. the art piece is on homemade canvas. The majority of the space is acrylic and also oil pastel as a secondary tool to the brush.

Dion Thorne